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hard to meditate when the cheers theme song is stuck in your head.

watched a movie made in new zealand that xtina lent to me. two characters are sort of stranded in the deep, mountainous forest and there's a song that plays which mentions being under water which is a tiny bit distracting until you start to see the environment as the ocean. damp, deep, complex and mysterious. it's the ocean! the characters are floating around out there. so it was actually a great song to pick.

i love music so much. everyone starts out loving music, but it seems like as people get older, that fervor really dies down. this makes me feel really alienated from my peers, but not just that. it makes me feel like i'm underdeveloped or immature, because i'm inevitably involved, at least at a distance, in music scenes where people are on average younger than me (though this is not as true in my current city with its nightworld culture). but like, the people who make the stuff don't really stop. i guess that's a difference.

brian wilson heard the ronette's be my baby and it totally blew his mind. he immediately wrote don't worry baby because of this inspiration. a rare case of genius copying genius where everyone wins! two beloved songs.

the same group of 15-40? it's unclear--studio musicians worked on every rock n roll and pop album made in la in the sixties and seventies. looser crew than the funk brothers of motown, but the same idea. anyway, they all loved working for brian wilson because he respected them as creative people, paid well, made risk-taking music, and credited them on the albums (which almost no one else did fearing to tear down the illusion that all of these bands played their own instruments).

that is basically an editorialized and brief summary of the documentary "the wrecking crew"

my point is that i wonder if the reason motown and california rock/pop remains so iconic is the cohesion that comes with the same very, very talented musicians playing on virtually every record.

6:50 a.m. - March 01, 2018


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